acomhotels is a hotel product for the 21st century with clear and impressive strategies in concept, design and management.

acomhotels offer "lots of lifestyle at small prices" They are not impersonal and simple bed houses, do not promise extravagant design in the budget segment and have eliminated the expensive courtesies of the 4-star and 5-star hotels.

We give the price-conscious business and leisure guest exactly what they are looking for: Attractive, modern quality with high-grade materials, individual design, and all that, at a reasonable price in the 3-star category. acomhotels are located at access roads to the city center, have a very good connection to the public transport system, have modern, functional facilities, offer all contemporary technical amenities, a flexible, well thought out gastronomy concept and a personal and courteous service.

For the different market segments, a price pattern with all the offered prices is available. The pricing policy is market-orientated, transparent and, for the customer, reliable as well as easily comprehensible. For the individual guest, there are three price groups: Weekdays, weekends and fairs/events. Room prices are exclusive of breakfast, the breakfast price in all acomhotels is 12.00 €. The surcharge for the double room results from the plain additional costs of 5.00 €.

acomhotels are located in an area with a great variety of gastronomic offers. In the hotel itself there is an attractive breakfast restaurant and a snack bar with personal 24-hour service. The offered services are geared to the needs and wishes of the guests, whereby the "less is more" principle applies. Not too much, too complicated and too time-consuming. Rather straight to the point, understandable and fast.

Hotel bills have to be paid in full on departure at the reception. Invoicing is undesired. Special price agreements for companies are made only after an annual volume of 50 overnight stays per year is reached.